Visage Salon 1143 West Main St. Sylva, NC 28779 US

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We open Tuesday, May 26th!

We open Tuesday, May 26th!

We love Aveda & Davines!


We love Aveda & Davines!

Reopening Regulations!

Please read important information!


· First things first- OMG we’ve missed y’all! We love you guys so much!

· But don’t you come up in here coughing or sneezing. If y’all sick, y’all better stay home. We are gonna take your temperature at the door. Anything at or over 100, you need reschedule and contact your doctor. We are dead serious about this. Please don’t put us or others at risk, it might not “just be a cold.” We won't be here if we are sick either.

· We’re gonna wear a mask. Y’all gonna be wearing masks too. Wear one you don’t mind getting color on. If you don’t have one don’t worry, we’ll give you one. If there is a reason you cannot wear a mask, we will be happy to schedule you for a time when they are no longer required.

· If you are receiving color, wear something you don’t mind color getting on. We won’t be changing into smocks for the time being. 

· We will be asking for your email address when we book you so that you can electronically sign a waiver. We must have this waiver to provide your service.

· Your service provider will be contacting you to schedule. In order to maximize the number of people we can get in they must approve your appointment. You can leave a message with the front desk, and they will call you back. Keep in mind, some of our working days have changed, and we may not have your preferred day or time available. 

· For now, we are only able to take established clientele. We need to focus on getting those people in who were displaced by the shutdown. Please let us know your info and we will contact you as soon as we can get you in.

· Y’all are gonna need to come in for haircuts with clean, dry hair. We’ll be limiting shampooing for a minute. Y’all don’t want us all up in your business like that just yet. We know it’s your favorite part, but it will be that much better when we get to do them again.

· Getting color? You get to have the shampoo! But you’ve got to sacrifice the blowdry. It’s a trade-off. And blow drying can also potentially spread respiratory droplets around. If you like, we will apply a fabulous deep-conditioning mask before we send you home.

· We’ll be doing a lot of extra cleaning. That means y’all need to stay in your car, call us when you get here, and we’ll let you know if we’re ready for you to come in.

· We’ve had to increase prices on some services, so it's important to discuss those changes with your stylist. It’s helping make the difference between keeping the doors open or bankruptcy and a desk job.

· We are also not able to do complementary bang trims at this time. What was once a five-minute service has turned into 30 minutes with sanitizing procedures.

· If you are buying products, call us ahead of time to get everything together. We’ll even do the transaction completely no-contact!

· It’s gonna take us a little bit to get everyone in. We are trying to balance calling and scheduling and cleaning and doing services all at the same time for a lot of people. These new regulations are frustrating for all of us. We’re working as fast as State Board will allow. But we’re also human, and this PPE is hot and uncomfortable, so please be patient with us.

· Thank y’all for being awesome. We love you and we’re gonna get through all of this together!

About Us

Look Your Best

Visage Salon opened in Sylva NC in 1996. We are located at steps from Mark Watson Park and the historic downtown courthouse and library.  We love what we do and we love to have fun! We consider our guests to be valued friends and family and we strive to make you feel at home the moment you walk in our door. 

Your True Colors

  We love classic, simple, natural hairstyles and we are inspired by the colors of the stunning landscape that we are so fortunate to be surrounded by. We carry Aveda and Davines product and color lines, and our values lie in preserving our environment and promoting a sustainable culture. 

Growing Relationships

If you have a look you want but don't know how to achieve, we can work together to form a plan. Stick with us. We'll help you set goals and achieve your hair dreams!